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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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governor jerry browne says he has never been more excited, what is ahead and what he says he won't do. plus a harbaugh super bowl, what their parents are saying about the big game. a new search getting underway for victims of the safeway killer.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> the message this year is clear, california is once again
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confounded our critics, we have wrought -- >> the governor says the future is promising. good afternoon, i am claudine wong, tori campbell is off today. he gave his state of the state address but in an optimistic speech he says he has never been more excited about what is ahead and that includes that. ken pritchett is liver for us with more on the governor's brown. >> reporter: this is the 11th time he has addressed the joint session and given their california's budget balanced after years, this one of more optimistic in recent memory. >> california has once again confounded our critics, we have wrought in just two years a solid and enduring budget and by god we are going to preserve and keep it that way for years to come.
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[ applause ] >> for the rosier budget outlook the governor credited both lawmakers for keeping spending down and voters who approved proposition 30 raising taxes in november. in his speech browne called for the way education is funds and spending billions on water through that, and the governor called on moving ahead on high speed rail, all this while saying law makers must still be prudent in the future. >> the governor is right. we need to focus on a rainy day fund. we need for focus on paying down debt. >> while he talks fiscal restraint, he talks about the volatility of the budget he just pushed a system of taxs that will make our system this much more volatile. >> the governor pointed out tenuous this balanced budget is. for example decisions by the federal government on
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healthcare could cost the state of california billions of dollars extra, threatening those surpluses. this evening we will have more on his speech, his plans and reaction. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the 129th rescue wing is about to embark on a rescue mission. robert joins us with this report. >> reporter: claudine there is expected to be a lot of activity going on here today. most of it centered in this area behind me. the headquarters of the california air national guard 129th rescue wing. what will happen will look somewhat familiar to those who have seen them getting ready for their missions, which usually means going in and rescuing people from dangerous situations. this is the way preparations were qurktd conducted when they went to help on sandy then.
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although they can't give too many details of this mission, eventually 200 members will leave for afghanistan and the horn of africa. this will be a 4 month deployment. >> when we are preparing for this we have to have screening and combat skills training and the straining necessary to complete our job so it is quite a bit of training leading up to the deployment. >> some of that deployment has taken place already, mostly in terms of getting cargo and supplies out there ahead of time similar to what you see now from that. again they can't talk about where they are headed first and a timetable. a big part of the deployment will start in two hours and be there and have a complete report on our 6:00 newscast. live at moffett field, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information out
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of san joaquin county where they look for clues left by the speed freak killers, this dig is expected to take several days and possibly several weeks. the work is focused on a well where other remains have been found after one of two convicted murderers told authorities there were bodies there. they are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a girl yesterday there. the girl managed to fight him off and ran to safety. one neighbor describes what he heard. >> still today i could -- all i hear is that little girl scream because i am a father myself so i know the feeling. when you hear a dlild scream like that it is terrifying. >> police waited nearly a week to tell the public about the case because of last week's hoax when a woman lied about a man trying to snatch a child from her arms in san jose. san jose police have also identified the victim in the city's latest homicide. ana doing was known as candy
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lady and gunned down in her home yesterday. police say dong was shot at least once there and later died at the hospital. neighbors say she ran a store out of her home and sold food to elementary school children. >> she had a little table like a coffee table and had all the sodas and her kit cats and everything just that. >> dong's death is the second homicide of the year and have not said anything about a motive or suspect. we are learning a shooting that injured two teens there may have been sparked by their shoes. it happened yesterday afternoon underneath the bart tracks near stockton avenue, one of the victims is in critical but stable condition. the other shot in the face but not seriously hurt. the principal of albany high school say both victims attend the school. in a letter he said two men approached a group of three students and asked them about their shoes and then opened fire. on monday night 4 teens were
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shot and wounded apparently over a pair of shoes. all right. well the time is 12:06. there are still grays out there. sfo is reporting 45 to 55 minute delays because of the weather. rosemary aross could orosco is dealing with that. >> yeah, it is a pattern we will stick with for the weekend. storm tracker 2, notice the band of rain from the south and heading north. i see a line stretching from the central valley across the east bay down into the south bay and off over santa cruz if we get in closer here. you can see spotty showers reported over the north bay including napa, into fairfield, to the east. meanwhile if we shift a little south and southeast livermore, pleasanton, fremont, milpitas live rain and sunnyvale, milpitas, campbell, evergreen, los gatos and into and around scotts valley as well as santa
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cruz, light rain is falling. you can see the rain there. i am going to back it up and show you that. notice the low pressure off the coast of california. well, this is continuing to shift south but the wrap around moisture stretching north into the bay area, so if you are not dealing with rain you are dealing with cloud cover and the chance for showers remain in the forecast today. as i mentioned all the way into the weekend up settled weather is in the forecast. i will have a detailed time learn coming up. at this hour crews in marin county are still trying to repair a broken water main. the line burst and 2:15 this morning there. when our crews got there water was actually shooting eight feet into the air. at first crews thought someone just hit the fire hydrant but now they think it was actually blown by that break. the water was turned off, leaving 3 dozen homes without water. that water is for the expected to be back on for at least
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another hour. >> it is possible that maybe some of the service lines, like the lines running to consumer's homes could be damaged, but typically it is just the break is isolated. >> crews are also keeping a close eye on that pavement in that area because it is buckled in a couple of spots and there is some concern that a sinkhole could develop. well, at an update briefing within the past hour the ntsb said batteries aboard a 787 dreamliner created a short- circuit leading to the fire and now looking at manufacturing problems. that comes after they revealed yesterday that all eight cells of a 787's batteries showed thermal damage. the battery caught fire while the plan was empty and parked at the boston airport, all 50 dreamliners have been grounded worldwide while authorities in several countries investigate. a a multi-million dollar
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security plan going in there. >> the harbaugh game find out who the parents said they will be cheering for on sunday. ñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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san jose police have found two main clues stemming from a home invasion this week. several armed men burst into their home on monday and investigators have recovered two cars stole in from en from the house. one car was found there and another found there. the robbers tied them up and made off with their valuables. police released a sketch of this man they said robbed a couple there then. police say a man with a gun approached the couple and took the woman's purse and the man's wallet. san francisco police have released new video in hopes of catching two men robbing drug stores. the suspects robbed the clement pharmacy and the golden gate pharmacy last week, they jumped over the counter and forced the customers to the floor. one of the men actually held a gun to an employee while demanding oxycodone, they are
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believed to be in their 20s. >> dianne feinstein is resuming her fight for a ban on assault weapons. this morning she introduced a bill on the floor of the senate and it is designed to stop at the sale, trar transfer and manufacturing of those weapons. >> they fall into the hands of those. they are sold out of trunks and back seats of automobiles in cities as well as gun shows with no questions asked -- >> senator feinstein introduced a similar measure in 1993 after a shooting there. meanwhile vice-president biden just wrapped up a forum on gun control. biden partnered with google as part of a series of white house
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online fireside hangouts. a 21th century take on franklin roosevelts famous fireside chats on the radio, it was formed to come up with ways to reduce the violent following that. a lawsuit over that there is scheduled for tomorrow. the drakes bay oyster company is suing the national park service after ken salazar ruled they should be closed. they have been in operation for almost 100 years and provides as much as 40% of the state's supply of fresh oysters. some owners there are paying their yards so they have a place to park. officials say the practice is actually illegal but few homeowners are cited, paved over yards can cause problems during storms. >> having greenery also absorbs water that doesn't run into the storm drains and overwhelm our sewers. >> the plan in commission has received 163 complaints about paved over yards since 2002. so who do you root for when
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both your boys are coaching in the super bowl? that is certainly the question everyone is asking the parents of the harbaugh brothers. new at noon the harbaugh family is talking about that and how they are preparing for the big game, sal castaneda joining us from candlestick park with what they had to say. hi. >> reporter: hello, the harbaugh parents did give the media more to talk about of course and every everyone was talking about who they were wanting to win the super bowl, the famous super bowl bound sons john and jim. now jim harbaugh, the coach of the trippers 49ers and john harbaugh, learned a lot from their father who was a coach there, including an assistant there, jacquie, the mom, the mother of the famous coaches was quick to lay down the law on who they were going to cheer for. >> we are neutral in the super
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bowl and we are just excited that they have brought their teams to the pinniccal of sports. >> the family says they will be together. the funniest moment is when they took a call. >> our next question comes from nun from baltimore. >> yeah, it is true that both of you like jim better than john. >> oh, john. >> is that john harbaugh, hey, john. >> that was me, john, i was ready to answer that. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i am so happy that joni recognized your voice. >> the two coaches did pair off before the thanksgiving game in the 2011 season. the ravens won that game 16-6.
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in that game the family said they were happy for both john and jim but spent more time with jim after the loss consoling him and will be just like that with super bowl 47, they have a feeling they will spend more time with the person who losses because the person would wins will have a lot of people around them as you might imagine, reporting live sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. so we expect them not to spend any time with jim. it is our time. >> no time with jim. >> no time with jim, stay with john. thanks, sal. all right, let's go to hockey, it has been a long time but the owner is here and ja 99 de la vega has more on this. j anine de la vega.
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>> reporter: they have done that but that too. >> i am ready for them for that. >> reporter: they were locked out for months while they negotiated on that. that was resolved earlier this month and the season has now been shortened to 48 games. the sharks have already been victorious in their first two games played there and the fans hope that carries over to that. we caught up with one fan who is doing that. >> i have got season tickets for that and doing that and this is a cool sign for that, a sign i put up occasionally for that and it will be up tonight. >> the return of that signals an economic boost for downtown businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars lost thousands in revenue during that because of cancelled home games. >> when they are playing i ride my bike so it is pretty hard to get through. there is a lot of people so it must be good to have them back. >> at last check on line there were still tickets left for
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tonight's game against the coyotes. reporting in san jose, janine, de la investigate a, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is a gloomy day around the bay and showers continuing at this hour and through most of the afternoon even into the evening. giving you a look here outside our doors and across the bay where you can see all that gray. temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday by a few degrees in most cases. not going to see a whole lot of sunshine today, a look at storm tracker 2, again watching a line of rain from the central valley across the east bay down into the south bay and off the coastline around santa cruz, closer light rain falling along 580. livermore, pleasanton, sanol, milpitas, fremont, 680, 880 wet at the moment into san jose, all these freeways and highways surrounding in and out of there, san jose, cupertino and those and again that as well, i want to show you that, we have
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two things going on. this is the system that continues to circulate in that motion and send that moisture our way. we will continue with that for today. this is the next system that is going to bring us some rain and carry this unsettled trend all the way into the weekend so we are sort of sandwiched in between two and that again will keep us quite soggy in and out of that then and then. here that is forecast at noontime there that is rain that will continue to move north and fizzle out. but look what is behind it. more of this coming our way. tomorrow morning we wake up still with a possibility of scattered showers. this developing. we had the possibility of seeing some pretty dry weather for friday but now it looks like it might by changing and i want to point you to this line of because this will be singing there and bringing us the unsettled weather that will continue as i mentioned then e weekend. 53 oakland, 53 napa, 50s redwood city.
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numbers not too bad for the afternoon, 50s and 60s expected around the region, 61 hayward, 61 oakland, 59 san rafael, 61 at san mateo. your extended forecast here. so unsettled is a good way of putting it. we won't see a constant rain from this point out but we will be with a mix of sun and clouds, especially the clouds for today. and that chance for a few scattered showers remaining through the weekend. and this next system that will be dropping out of the gulf of alaska will be cooling us down even farther. i don't know if you noticed that the highs for the weekend 50s in the forecast >> yeah, someone there was saying i don't mind the rain because at least it has been warmer. >> this true. >> so maybe colder. >> yeah. >> thanks rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> the span will be monitored by that despite that. the commission last night gave final approval to the $26 million system.
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the mix of 175 video, infrared and thermal imaging cameras will be used by them though they won't be used by them to monitor traffic. the chp says for security reasons it needs to keep images from the system secret. facebook founder mark zuckerberg gets political, which candidate will benefit from a fundraiser there. and fans at his alma mater hold a huge party in his honor striking his famous pose. what the niner's quarterback now wants to do with that image.
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all right, there is a live look at your big board today, you can see the dow is up about 53 points. s&p just hovering in positive territory but they did break the 1500 mark for the first time since 2007, so overall a good day on the markets so far. today san francisco based twitter launched a new streaming video service for smart phones. the new service is called vine. it records six second long video clips which can be embedded in tweets. the company's vice-president says like tweets the brevity of it inspires creativity. facebook founder mark zuckerberg plans to hold a fundraiser for chris christie re-election campaign, both camps say it will be next month at his home in palo alto, the 2 met in 20 between when he donated to the schools, polls show christie with a big lead.
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it was the world's largest party there last night at his alma mater there. as you can check it out thousands attended the basketball game and fans took time out to flex their arm and kiss their biceps, he is trying to trademark that pose by the way so he can use it on merchandise. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we are going to take you inside one of the biggest transportation projects in the east bay, a tour of the work there, plus an update on another tunnel project in a known trouble spot. well, thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are going to see you the next time news breaks. and be sure to join us again at 5:00. have a great day everyone. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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